The continuous dialogue with nature
Finds here the quietness and the sense of life, perceptible even in a flutter of wings.
The fruitful land, can give emotions.
And is in this place that is well to linger, in front of the beauty of this cipher writing.

Why VegeTables?

Objects of common use and natural elements become real conceptual works. Colors and shapes can tell us new stories. Pictures and portraits where the daily becomes surprising.

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Enter in my shop and choose the placemats that suit your style, to make lunch or dinner with your friends and relatives a different experience in which the protagonist is the art.

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Everything you can imagine, Nature has already created it.
(Albert Einstein)



In all things of Nature, there is something wonderful

Where Art meets Functionality

Nature can put on a thrilling show. The stage is vast, the lighting is dramatic, the extras are innumerable, and the budget for special effects is absolutely unlimited..

-Yann Martel

Our Products


Block from 40 sheet paper 120gr Soporset
Ink Printing for food use


BOX 30 x 42 +

Block from 40 sheet paper 120gr Soporset
Ink Printing for food use

What they say about us

Francesca Ripamonti is the artist that poets would recognize everywhere thanks to her passion in preserving the beauty without interest. Her art is ancient poetry, it is the imprint of the nature’s essence. Buying her works is like preserve and protect that lesser world made of plants and fruits in which the artist has tried to give a soul. And she does it until reaches the center of each small seed where the great message of the universe is guarded.

-Antonetta Carrabs

The products of Drigheria Digitale are addictive.
They are sensory, poetic, profound,
Are the ones I would like to receive as a gift.

-Anna Barbara

The Poetry and the elegance of images even in small things..
To treat yourself or give as a gift.!

-Nuccia Moretti

Art comes to the table.
Finally, fun, refined and design products with which to decorate dinners or aperitifs with friends, Sunday family lunches, important anniversary or romantic tete a tete. BUY NOW!!!!

-Carolina Rapetti Mogol

Francesca Ripamonti “has a careful and sensitive eye”
A direct retina-heart connection
and a unique soul’s aesthetics.
Digital Drogheria is her home

-Alfredo Rapetti Mogol

Excellent photographer with great sensitivity and capacity of the use of light.
Recommended! Her “Drogheria Digitale” is an excellent opportunity to be contaminated by her style!

-Alessandra Dell'Andrea