Who am i?

Photographer, creative, but always Francesca

Francesca Ripamonti

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera, Milan

Born in the heart of photography, deepens and studies the techniques of development and printing, her passion is not only about the “after the shot” but above all about experimentation of what happens before, and the realization of this.

Photographic projects

Her shots range over from beauty to design, from fashion to food, but also in industrial reality, always following a path of transformation of inputs into sensory emotions.

The Prison’s Experience

Particular emphasis should be given to the project “Amori Sbarrati” through which
Francesca Ripamonti tells a new beauty. A hidden and often forgotten beauty that emerges from the depths of the women’s soul
recluse in Sanquirico. The images have the ability to go beyond
The Silence and the loneliness. Are faces that narrate a single value:
that of humanity.

Drigheria Digitale

What’s behind Drogheria Digitale?
A shop where is sell art, photography, design for domestic use. Objects of common use, natural elements become true conceptual works. Colors and shapes can tell us new stories. Pictures and portraits where the daily becomes surprising. Accessible to all, a new way to buy art is born.

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